In the recent report from the Avi Chai Foundation, "Schools that Work: What We Can Learn from Good Supplementary Schools," the following statement was made regarding the goals of Hebrew language study:

A particularly difficult curricular choice relates to Hebrew language instruction. Many schools are unclear about what to teach and toward what end: Is the purpose of Hebrew language study to be able to participate in synagogue services or to converse? To read Biblical, rabbinic or modern Hebrew? To read or to speak? Commercial publishers have muddied the waters by producing textbooks that purport to meet all of these goals. Within schools, teachers lobby for a greater emphasis on modern Hebrew because it may be more accessible to students or easier to teach. But learning a foreign language is difficult, and without utmost clarity about goals and whether specific goals are attainable, schools surely will not succeed. (page 32)

On this page we'd like to explore the goals of Hebrew education in a congregational school. Note that the question is specific to congregations, with all the challenges related to students, teachers and milieu inherent in this educational setting.

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Hebrew Curriculum for Temple Judea - Beth Young and Lenore Kipper

As most curriculum development is a work in progress, this definitely is. This is our stab at defining the overall goals for Hebrew at Temple Judea, as well as the specific goals and objectives for grades K-12.