There are a number aspects of Hebrew that might become the focus of learning in a supplementary school - as the language of prayer, as the language of our sacred texts (Bible, Talmud, etc.), as the communicative language of the Jewish people and of those living in Israel, and as the bearer of the essential values of Jewish civilization. (Aron 2004) This page will explore what kind of Hebrew ought we to be teaching in our supplementary schools. ‚ÄčNote that the question is specific to part-time Jewish education, with all the challenges related to students, teachers and milieu inherent in this educational setting.

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by, Cyd B. Weissman

by, Isa Aron

by, Seymour Epstein

by, Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz

by Laura Abrasley (part of a paper assigned in a course of the education year of rabbinical school)

by Isa Aron
Posts in reaction to Isa's Manifesto should have some identifying word or two in the document's title. Feel free to upload a document below this paragraph, or add your thoughts under the Discussion tab, above. As always, other posts taking the question of Defining Focus in a different direction are most welcome!!'

by Nachama Moskowitz
[Isa offered a challenge and I'm taking her on! My thoughts on her Hebrew literacy manifesto is in this document.]

by Nachama Moskowitz
[I'm posting my own manifesto - just love that word! - building off of Isa's, above. I agree in places and respectfully disagree in others. I'm looking forward to reading v3, v4 and v5 as posted by other colleagues reading this wiki. The gauntlet has been thrown down - pick it up, let us know where you agree and offer other thoughts! Also, feel free to respond in the DISCUSSION tab, above.]