A CHALLENGE TO MY COLLEAGUES: Let's Transform Hebrew Education!

I'm throwing down the gauntlet to my colleagues! I have created a proposal that outlines four shifts in practice that I believe would transform our students' learning of Hebrew in our part-time Jewish educational settings:
  1. Let's start teaching Hebrew language (yes, language!) the moment that our children enter our program.
  2. Let's focus on print pre-literacy skills.
  3. Let's connect students to the prayers of our people through consistent chanting of Hebrew prayers and spirituality-stretching exercises, beginning with our youngest children.
  4. Let's be brave enough to delay the teaching of Hebrew decoding/reading till a later grade (e.g., grade 5 or 6).

To gain the context for these conclusions, click "As we enter 5772" in the left side-bar. Then, read the full CHALLENGE here:

It includes a few paragraphs of explanation of each of the shifts, plus links and resources that offer more information and support.

To enter into conversation about the CHALLENGE, click on the little THUMBTACK icon at the top RIGHT SIDE of the page (next to the EDIT button) and create a post ... or read and respond to others. What intrigues you? What are you wary of? [Those who post need to be a wiki-member. If you're not, click the JOIN button on the very, very top left of the page; you'll be approved to then post!]

There are a number of schools across the country that are beginning to focus on #1-3, but thought #4 is new and a bit scary (yes, there are a few congregations moving in this direction). I would love to know which educators across the country might be open to exploring these ideas further.

Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz
JECC, Director of Curriculum Resources