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  • The left side of the screen has a listing of each of the pages on the wiki. Click on any to explore!

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  • At the top of each page is a DISCUSSION tab - we hope that as you read articles, you will contribute your reactions by starting a discussion thread, or by adding to one already posted. You can see an example of a started thread on the DEFINING FOCUS page. Our goal is to build new models for Hebrew learning within congregations by learning from each other and challenging each other's thinking. Don't be shy! You should click the box on the Discussion pages that will allow you to be notified of any updates; the universal "NOTIFY ME" tab may not work directly on the Discussion pages - those supporting this site are a bit too new to wikis to know this for sure!

  • While postings can be original thinking, our conversation will build if in your writing you refer to information already on the site. An example of this is Isa Aron's post, "What Type of Hebrew" on the DEFINING FOCUS page. Weave the old and the new as possible in these postings!

  • As you get new "ah-ha's!" and begin dreaming about new possibilities for Hebrew education, add them to the SHARING DREAMS AND OUT-OF-THE-BOX THINKING page.

  • Posts should generally be done in a Word document or Adobe PDF and uploaded. This can be a paragraph, a page or two (or more) - see the example on the GETTING TO BETTER HEBREW LEARNING page (formerly, "Efficient Decoding"). It can also be a resource link - see the growing list in the RESOURCES OF INTEREST section. And yes, if you have the ability to do so, feel free to upload an appropriate photo or video!

  • If you have trouble with basic use of this wiki, refer to the clues within these pages to help you. Wikispaces also offers some good help - click on the link at the top of the page. If you need some hand-holding, you can probably find a local person with some experience posting onto Internet sites. If you continue to have trouble, send an email to